Sneak Peek Portrait Series

Lidiya Terpel, a CEO and a Founder of Skyworker, sat down with WOW Woman to discuss her extraordinary drive and determination to succeed.

Exciting New Developments at WOW Woman

We will be unveiling some new and exciting goodies…Stay tuned.

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When in Egypt...

A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like ancient Egypt.
— Ray Bradbury

Standing Still - Preview

Behind the scenes from an upcoming WOW WOMAN Feature. Erin Helfert is an artist, performer, and an activist against gender based violence. How do all these combine? In a quite remarkable story.

Here is a preview from our SOHO shoot in Manhattan.

Stop      Listen

The Wing SOHO, as the Backdrop

Thanks the Wing SOHO, 

for providing a stunning backdrop for our upcoming WOW WOMAN story about Rachel (pictured here). Stay tuned for more...

The Wing's mission is to create space for women to advance their pursuits and build community together.

Serving as the network of co-working and community spaces for women, the Wing was founded in Manhattan by Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelmanand and seems to be rapidly growing to other cities in the US (and perhaps expanding globally?).

WOW WOMEN enter through the door here, cultivate exciting ideas and harness support from like-minded individuals.

We, at WOW WOMAN, are excited to see this concept grow.

Behind the Scenes


Although we featured a very serious profile of Jamie, there were some shenanigans on set that caused that warm smile of hers to grow even bigger. Kids tend to cause that sort of thing to happen, and her daughter didn't disappoint.