Food Truck Owner/Chef , Hawaii

From a prison guard to a chef and the most smiley (and no nonsense) chef/food truck owner along the Hana Highway in Maui. 

1. Name. 

Candice Pule

2. Where is your hometown? 

Haiku, Maui

3. What is your profession/career/title/self-label/designation? 

Business owner

4. What was the journey like to get where you are (career wise)? When was the mental shift to start the journey? 

My husband and I were correctional officers in Maui for over 18 years and decided to separate from service and buy a food truck to sell food on the Hana Hwy Route 360.

5. Biggest accomplishment since making the (physical/mental) move? 

Much happier doing this and meeting happy people on vacation.

6. What was biggest disappointment and plan to overcome it? 

We thought we would make a lot more money in the beginning and haven’t yet. We opened on March 21, 2016 and made $1.25 the first day (scarry) yes I said one dollar and twenty five cents, LOL. We are doing much better now and business has picked up so we are staying positive. Our banana bread is now one of the best if not the best on Hawaii Route 360!

7. Advice for other women? 

Never give up when you are at you lowest, remember that this is not the first time and you made it through the worst before and can do it again. Keep your head up, stay positive and put the good into the universe and it will come back your way!

8. Where in the world do you feel “tallest”? 

With my husband and kids.

9. What is the future goal/challenge (career goals in 5-10 years)? 

I plan on being debt-free and financially independent.

10. What fears are you still hoping to overcome? 

Fear of quitting.

11. What inspires you? 

Thought of what a bad ass woman and mother I had.

12. Who is a “WOW Woman” in your life who inspires you (and why)? 

Definitely my mom Frances Stowell, who taught me to be a strong woman and a jack of all trades (master of none, lol.)

13. Where can others find you/your work (links to websites, blogs, etc.)? 

Look for the “Route 360 Hawaii" truck on the first 5 miles on the Road to Hana. 8089 Hana Highway is our address. Hawaii Route 360 is our business name. We are on YelpTrip Advisor and Facebooktoo. I’m not too computer savvy…yet!