Style Coach, Model & Writer, New York City

This story started with the below photo. That led to the discussion and a photoshoot and a whole lot of googling (ex. this New York Magazine piece). This style coach, inspiration for Bill Cunningham, avid biker and a proud New Yorker is a treasure to know and a pleasure to talk to.

I turned my head and saw a fabulous lady drinking tea.

1. Name.

Tziporah Salamon

2. Where is your hometown, country? 

I live in New Yorl City

3. What is your profession/career/title/self-label/designation? 

I do several things. I model. I teach. I act. I write. I hold seminars called The Art of Dressing in which I use my extensive collection of antique clothes to teach the elements of design. I wrote a book by the same name, to be published by Rizzoli in April, 2017. I have a one-woman show called The Fabric of My Life, a sartorial autobiography, which I have been performing for the past 10 years. 

4. What was the journey like to get where you are (career wise)? When was the mental shift to start the journey? 

I had a hard time accepting the fact that my gift in life is knowing how to dress well. I thought it was not important enough, vain and superficial. It was after a series of events, that I finally accepted my gifts, owned it, and took it on proudly.

5. Biggest accomplishment? (Any stories you want to note?). 

Being a good daughter to my parents, a loyal friend, a caring human being.

6. What was biggest disappointment and plan to overcome it? (Any stories you want to note?) 

Recognition and acknowledgment has come late in life for me. I have grown to accept it and honor the journey. It is all in God's time.

7. Advice for other women?

Don't be so hard on yourselves. As women, we can be our own worst enemies, always seeking perfection. Forget it. As Leonard Cohen sings, "there is a crack in everything. That's the way the light gets in."

8. Where in the world do you feel “tallest”?

In Israel.

9. What is the future goal/challenge (career goals in 5-10 years)?

Take on the Hollywood actresses. Teach them a thing or two about style.

10. What fears are you still hoping to overcome?

That I will not accomplish what I came here to do.

11. What inspires you?

Love, music, art, flowers, Persian miniatures, mosaics, old movies.

12. Would you do anything differently if you had to do it all over?

Probably not.

13. Who is a “WOW Woman” in your life who inspires you (and why)?

My "mother" Ziva Naumann. At 86, she is a vital, gorgeous, loving woman who never stops adding joy and beauty to the world.

14. Where can others find you/your work (links to websites, blogs, etc.)? is my website and @tziporahsalamon on Instagram