Know a strong, passionate, persevering, resilient, caring, kind, inspiring woman?

Nominate her!

Step 1 - answer the following questions


1. Name of the WOW Woman you are nominating.

2. What has she dared to tackle, or done to innovate, achieve, soar, lift-up others, overcome challenges, defy expectations/norms, etc?

3. What are some of the outcomes/results of her accomplishments, actions, causes, etc.?

4. What can other women learn from her?

5. Why does she inspire you in particular?

6. Your name.

Step 2 - Attach photos


Please attach 4 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) photos with your answers.

Some ideas of the types of photos to attach:

A formal portrait or two is always good, but we are also interested in seeing other images, of her relaxed, some photos showing concentration and working hard, some laughing, candid shots, being involved, caring for others, letting loose or having a moment of peace.

Whatever the images are, they should be genuine and showing various aspects of the woman's personality. We will choose mages to post and may edit them slightly, post as collage or individually. 

Keep in mind that your WOW WOMAN doesn't necessarily need to be moving mountains, to be nominated/featured. We are also looking for a quiet force, who may be overlooked in our busy world.

Please email your submission along with photo attachments to

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Thank you. Excited to hear from you!


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